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Healthcare in France

Health in France Did you know that the health care system in France is one of the best in the world? Sure, health care in France is regarded as one of the best in the world. It has a high level of satisfaction in the population and it sets this country apart from other European countries and why not from the United States. Well, here we are going to talk about how the health system in France works, what you need to know if you travel to this awesome country and require some health services, and finally we are going to provide you with some info about the health profession in France. There is no doubt that after you reading the info here, you will know what things make of health system in this country as one of the top in the world.

In France, under the law of “Couverture maladie universelle “ (universal coverage), everyone has access to public health care. All French people achieved a universal health care. France offers high-quality health care services that are financed by its government through a system of national health insurance. This country provides public and private health services which are according to the needs of the population. At the same time the government is in charge of protecting the rights of patients. A lot of money is intended to improve the performance of the health system as well. French people must pay compulsory health insurance. Around the 99% of residents in France are covered by The General National Health Inusrance Scheme.

The management of the heath care system in France is done through the social security system, its funds come from the earning of working population. The 20% are deducted from the salaries of French employees to fund the Sécurité sociale (Social Security). For those who are subscribed on it partly of their medical treatments is reimbursed.

There are more than 3000 high-quality hospitals in France, among them are public (which accounts 65% of hospital beds), non-profit and private for profit hospitals. The differences regarding the quality and price between public and private hospitals are not bigger. One of the good things of the health care in France is that it is easy to access; there aren’t the common waiting lists in hospitals. The treatment of the poorest people is fully covered by the government.

Information for travelers

Before you enter to the country you must know that you are not required to take any vaccination, although if you are planning to go to forested areas, then you will be required to get a vaccination. European visitors (who have a European Health Insurance Card) can get free emergency care. Anyway travelers must have travel insurance, before they get into France.

When traveling, if you need non-prescription medication, then you could easily locate the pharmacies. French pharmacies can be located even in small villages. In case you are in an emergency dial 15 or 112. You can call from public and fixed phones, and cellphones (through cellphone subscription that you use in your home country - international roaming)

Health Professionals 

Health professionals in France They work in public and private hospitals. If you want to be a professional in health and work for this extraordinary health system, you can enroll in one of the medical schools, nursing schools, etc available in France.

Medical schools

Medical schools in France are approximately 30, and they are located in the famous and prestigious universities of the country. They are characterized by having necessary infrastructure for the study and research of medicine such as: dissecting rooms, libraries, computer rooms, labs, research labs and laboratories that designed to simulate the critical situation of the patient. All of these services guarantee a good development of the medical profession and it is the perfect place where interested students will find an adequate response to their expectations.

Medical studies consist of formal and practical training. When students complete their studies and defend their thesis, they receive a Diploma of State of Doctor of Medicine. In order to mark their specialties they receive also a Diploma of Specialized Studies (DES). Then if you want to pursue a medical career in this beautiful country here are the best universities for medical studies in France: 

  • University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • University Joseph Fourier (UJF)
  • University of Limoges
  • Universite de La Mediterranee Aix-Marseille II

Nursing schools

The nursing schools in France have an objective for students who want to learn how to adapt to new technological medical advances. France provides you with many nursing schools, where you can share and learn different health systems and new professional techniques in the area of nursing.  France’s nursing schools believe that this type of education prepare nurses who can develop professionally in the prevention of diseases and satisfy the needs of the general public. Among nursing schools in France include those dedicated to nutrition and physical health. In these nursing schools, the education is based on practice so that you can apply theorical concepts learned as food nutrition values or the BMR formula, improving experience before get your first job as a nurse. One of the centers where you can pursue a career in Nursing is the Higher Institute of Male Care Nurses. Of course there are more schools and universities. You can find one in your current location.
So, if you live (or want to live) in France, you can enjoy the benefits that its social insurance system offers and enjoy of the good-quality health care services. 

Comparing hospitals online

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