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The Eighteenth century

In the eighteenth century Rococo and Neoclassicism art appeared. Painting turned to "fêtes galantes", theatre settings, and the female nude. Famous painters from this period were : Nicolas Lancret, Antoine Watteau and François Boucher. During the reign of Louis XV the rococo style replaced the Baroque style. Official painters were François Boucher and J. H. Fragonard although their style was not generally adopted.

During this period Pre-Romanticism began to be popular between artists. Italian cappricio paintings inspired the works of art of Hubert Robert's who used to paint images of ruins. Nicolas de Largillière and Jean-Marc Nattier showed their work with a self-important manner in portraiture. There are other important features that gave this period a special style. The delicacy, characteristic gracefulness, artificially wild and irrational nature, all of elements were represented in the work of many artists such as Jacques Caffieri and in Sèvres porcelains and André Le Nôtre who changed the geometrical French into the English garden.

François Boucher paint Jacques Caffieri sculpture

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