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The city of Avignon

Avignon has a lot to offer, this is the kind of city you will not want to leave, some examples of its wonders are:

The Pope's Palace 'Le Palais des Papes' and 'Pont St Bénezet'. The first one is an example of impressive architecture and the works of art displayed inside are simply amazing. Many of the rooms in this Palace were destroyed by fire and now there is only one room fully furnished in its original state. The Pope's Palace has a Gothic structure and is well known for its size, being the largest Gothic Palace in Europe. The Palace was built 1335–1364 on a natural spur of rock, rendering it all but impregnable to attack.

The other attraction of Avignon is the famous bridge. History says that this bridge was once used for carrying St Bénezet to Villeneuve. It had 22 wonderful arches of which only three remain. Anyway, they are so majestic you could easily imagine how wonderful they must have looked alongside the other arches.

Avignon also has many old churches.

Avignon is an architectural city and it has a wonderful way of delimitating its perimeter. There are different walls in this city, one of them is the Roman walls, constructed in the first century with a rectangular shape similar to the Roman constructions. Unfortunately there is no document that verifies its exact delimitations. In the 13th century the King of France Louis VIII ordered other walls to be built, but they took a long time to finish and were finally concluded in 1248. The present day walls were ordered to be constructed by Innocent VI. The walls are approximately 8 metres high and there are 35 high towers and 50 smaller ones, most of which are of rectangular or square shape.

Avignon Travel Guide Avignon Travel Guide

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