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Eating in Avignon

It is well known that French cuisine is one of the best in the world, and for many professionals it is the best. One reason could be that the French cuisine offers a variety of dishes from every region in France, each one with its own products, ingredients and style.

La Fourchette

This is one of the cosiest restaurants and is located at 17 rue Racine. If you want to make a reservation, its telephone number is +33 4 90 85 20 93. The wine is very good in this restaurant and this is one of those great places where you can come to relax as well as to experience some of the finest examples of Provencal cuisine that you will find in the region.

La Cour du Louvre

Located in a quiet inner courtyard, in front of the 13th century chapel of Nôtre Dame de Bethléem. A good choice to savour Provençal cuisine freshly prepared.
23 Rue St.Agricol, 84000 Avignon, Tel: 04 90 27 12 66.

La Compagnie des Comptoirs

This restaurant has a minimalist decor recreating an old French trading post in India. A great selection of French fusion cuisine inspired by North African and Asian dishes, intelligently prepared with that extra touch of innovation. Good wine list, especially from the Rhône valley.
83 Rue Joseph Vernet, 84000 Avignon, Tel: 04 90 85 99 04


This is an exclusive restaurant, just at the East of the Palais des Papes, run by the enterprising Robert Brunel. If you want to eat here, it is necessary to have a reservation. It is located in the historic part of the city, and the dishes served here are delicious, the desserts are a masterpiece.
46, rue des la Balance, Avignon, France 38000 · 4-90-85-24-83

La Vieille Fontaine

This is a very elegant restaurant located in the Hotel d'Europa. This place is perfect for anniversaries, weddings, and special events. The food and the wine are the best and the famous chef Bruno d'Angelis works here.
12 place Crillon, 84000 Avignon, Tel:

La Mirande

This restaurant has one of the most recognized chefs in France, Daniel Hébet and you'll delay with his dishes at this beautiful restaurant.
4, place de la Mirande, Avignon, France 38000 · 4-90-85-93-93

La Cuisine des Riene

Most popular dishes are lamb with dried apricots and almonds in a stock sauce with couscous on the side. The desserts are also very good and you may want to try the pots de crème in small cups of chocolate, cappuccino and vanilla.
83, rue Joseph-Vernet, Avignon, France 38000 · 4-90-85-99-04

Le Petit Bedon

If you want a more intimate place you should visit Le Petit Bedon Its well prepared Provençal dishes and delicious desserts are also a good reason to visit this place.
70 Rue Joseph Vernet, 84000 Avignon, Tel: 04 90 82 33 98.

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