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The Festival of Avignon

The Theatre Festival in Avignon is one of the most delightful Theatre festivals you could ever see. Three and sometimes four weeks is not enough to show all the artists' performances. Every year in July, Avignon welcomes artists from around France, as well as international ones. It all makes for an unforgettable show for the people of Avignon and foreigners alike. The performers are made up of musicians, dancers, actors, actresses, singers, and every type of artist. You will have a great experience if you visit Avignon and see this festival, as it takes place at the Pope's Palace itself. The prices are maybe a little expensive ,but you won't regret it as it's worth it. The event is amazing and you will feel the magic sensations of being at a theatre production. You will enjoy the beautiful saxophone, symphonies, guitar concerts, dance events, and all of them together in this Avignon Theatre Festival. Don't worry about the French language, some of them will also be presented in English, and you'll discover that art has no language.

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