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Avignon's Museums

Avignon's policy is to use architectural heritage for present day enjoyment and has many museums to reach this; some of them are:

  • Collection Lambert Museum of contemporary art:

    5, rue Violette
    84000 Avignon
    Phone: +33 (0)4 90 16 56 20
    Description: Is divided in five sections exhibitions, preventive conservation, activities targeting young viewers, the museum bookshop and artists' editions and the restaurant situated in the hôtel particulier's courtyard.

  • The Calvet museum:

    14200 Solomons Island Road
    Solomons, MD 20688
    Description: Offers a wide range of works of art from the 16th to 20th century in one of the most prestigious buildings, it counts with tens of thousands of items on its inventory, from diverse fields as archaeology, paintings, sculptures, drawings, decorations and ethnology.
    Opening hours: Every day except Tuesday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
    Admission: Full price : 6 euros - Special price : 3 euros.

  • The Petit Palais:

    Av. Winston-Churchill, 8th Arrondissement.
    Description: Hosts Italian painting, Avignon art, ancient artifacts, medieval objects, rare manuscripts and books from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; most of the collections are from the legacy of Auguste Dutuit.
    Opening hours: 10h - 17h40 daily (closed Monday and holidays).

  • The Palais du Roure or Hotel de Baroncelli:

    Ancien Hotel Baroncelli-Javon.
    3, Rue du Collège of the Roure.
    Description: Dates from the 15th century, displays Provençal and archaeological resources and is one of the most beautiful residences in town.
    Admission: Entry is free.
    Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm.

  • The Requien museum:

    Is a natural history museum and a naturalist research center in a 17th century mansion which was a former Saint Martial convent; the museum is rich in paleontological, mineralogical and botanical collections.
    Opening hours: tuesday through Saturday, 10h-13h and 14h-18h.
    Admission: Entry is free.

  • The Angladon-Dubrujeaud museum:

    Hosts collections 19th and 20th century masterpieces and other art works collected by the family and displayed in their home.
    Opening hours: tuesday through sunday, 13h -18h.
    Cost: Individul visit. Full price: 6 euros.
    Reduced price:4 euros.
    Student: 3 euros.
    Children from 7 to 14: 1.5 euro.
    Children under 7: free.

  • Guided visit (by appointment)

    Group under 7 persons: 40 euros/group
    Group between 7 and 14 persons: 6 euros/person.
    Group of 15 persons and over: 6 euros.
    Lectures: 7 euros.

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