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France Travel Guide

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La Rochelle

The city of La Rochelle was the first city in the world to provide free bikes - "city bikes", back in the 70's. They are free to use for the day. La Rochelle also has beautiful beaches all around where you can enjoy yourself and relax. La Rochelle is also famous for its towers some of which are: La Tour de la Lanterne, Tour Saint-Nicolas and la Tour de la Chaine.

The French Alps

If you like skiing this is a good option. The French Alps are breathtaking and the perfect place to ski. Mount Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe with an altitude of 4808 meters. The landscape is simply amazing with its beautiful valleys dotted with trees and lakes.You can also find places to shop as well.

The Eiffel Tower
This is probably the most famous monument in France, but at the beginning it was a not very well accepted. French citizens did not like it and thought it was a waste of money. This iron tower was built on the Champ de Mars beside the River Seine in Paris, and replaced the Washington Monument. It was called the Tower Eiffel in honour of its designer,the engineer Gustave Eiffel.


Champagne is a province located in the northeast of France, and is well known for its famous white wine. Champagne is mostly fermented in two bottle sizes, the standard bottle (750 ML), and Magnum (1.5 L). In general, magnums are thought to be of higher quality, as there is less oxygen in the bottle, and the volume to surface area favours the formation of appropriately-sized bubbles.

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres is truly one of the greatest of all of the French Gothic cathedrals. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres is located less than 100 km (about 50 miles) south of Paris and is considered to be one of the finest examples of the "high Gothic" style of architecture.

Monaco (Monte - Carlo rock)

A beautiful Principality that works as a City-State, surrounded by France and fairly close to Italy it is the home of wealthy people and a very tempting destination for many travelers.

Riquewihr Commune

This beautiful commune located in the north-east of France is a popular tourist destination because of its wine production, museum, torture chamber and old look.

Honfleur harbour

Firstly used by Vikings and later on officially a harbor due to expeditions from France to Quebec this harbor is, indeed, a major attraction in France.

Saint Malo Citadel

As the most visited touristic place in Britanny (North-West of France) Saint Malo offers a spectacular experience with its defensive walls and different attractions.

Pyrénées National Park

A marvelous National Park, which attracts tourists from all around the world not only because of its beauty and activities but also because of its biodiversity of fauna and flora.

Mont Saint-Michel

This tidal Island located in Normandy is very appealing to tourists. It has a deep interesting history dating from the 6th century and the view of the city from outside is breathtaking.

Gordes Village

This village can be seen as one of the most beautiful villages in France and the inspiration of several artists through time, even now, this village welcomes many artists during summer time delighting both locals and visitors.

Reims Cathedral

It is also known as Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral: The place where kings were crowned. It is a very important touristic destination, receiving over half a million visitors in year 2006. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lille zoo

With millions of visits per year this zoo is certainly one of the main attractions in Lille, for many reasons: Because it is the largest in the city because of their well-run system and the zoo`s commitment to protect, conserve and breed endangered species, etc.

Aquarium, La Rochelle

Opened in 1988, this aquarium is a must for travelers in Rochelle. The Building is made of glass and it is located in Rochelle`s harbor. Displaying over 12 000 marine animals.

Mer de Glace

Its name of this glacier means Sea of Ice and it is located in the Alps and it a very tempting attraction for skiers from all over the world in winter. This glacier is particularly fast as it moves at a speed of a centimeter per hour.

La Palmyre Zoo

Created in 1966 this fantastic zoo is praised by all its visitor: from 700 000 to 800 000 people per year. It is located in the forest of Les Mathes and offers an attractive view of over 1 600 animals from all over the world (including polar bears!).

Château de Chambord, Loire Valley

This place is the perfect mixture of French Renaissance and Classical Italian architectures and it was built by King Francois I, but unfortunately the whole of the original architectural design was never finished.

Boat trip round old Strasbourg

Strasbourg is fairly famous for its river and boat trip (Batorama). A boat trip is, matter of fact, the best way to get to see Strasbourg (which is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Centers) because of the perfect view of ...

Cathedral of Amiens

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame d`Amiens has marveled visitors from all over the world and opened its doors for people to come and see the biggest interior and tallest ceiling in a complete cathedral in the whole of France.

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