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Bordeaux Travel Guide

The city of Bordeaux

Bordeaux has many historical attractions, magnificent buildings and is a very traditional region where the best wine of France can be found, Bordeaux has six districts very briefly described here:

Quinconces Square -- If you want to visit this disctrict you can take a walk at the splanade of Quinconces, there is a good view in this place.

Gambetta Square -- Alot of things to visit in this dictrict, a beautiful place without any doubt.

Les Quais -- Next to the Garonne river, you can enjoy of a trip in its waters or relax watching the landscape over the bridges of Bordeaux

La Victoire -- The streets are full of students, you can take a drink in any bar and also visit historical monuments.

The Pedestrian Centre -- Bordeaux's culture life is concentrated here with shopping centres and cultural activities.

Meriadeck -- The administrative centre of Bordeaux, with one of the biggest libraries in France.

Bordeaux Travel Guide
Bordeaux Travel Guide

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