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Bordeaux is one of the most important historical city in France and can boast a number of interesting and unusual historic and religious monuments. Many of these local landmarks date back to the period architecture at its best and at the 15th century. All of the monuments offer panoramic views over Bordeaux and are a great way for visitors to get their bearings. Bordeaux's main landmarks and monuments are shown here.

  • Esplanade des Quinconces

    The most prominent feature of esplanade des Quinconces is the fountain monument to the Girondins, a group of moderate, bourgeois National Assembly deputies during the French Revolution, 22 of whom were executed in 1793 after being convicted of Counter-Revolutionary activities. The entire 50m-high ensemble, completed in 1902, was dismantled by the Germans in 1943, so the statues could be melted down for their 52 tonnes of bronze. The restoration took years and was not completed until 1983. To the northwest is the Botanical Garden, with Natural history museum and the Jardin Public. Two figures of Bordeaux are also honored on the square since 1858, with statues in their likeness, a former mayor of the city, Montaigne and a former member of the Parliament of Bordeaux, the author of "The Spirit of Laws" Montesquieu.

  • Pont de Pierre

    The monument that connects Bordeaux’ left bank to the right bank is the Pont de Pierre, also is the link between the esplanade and the Sainte-Marie-de-la-Bastide church. The 'Pont de Pierre' was commissioned by Napoleon I. It ended in 1822. The tram goes from bank to bank on these days along this bridge. The Unesco named it as world heritage being definitely one of the most beautiful bridges in France, its beauty being only comparable to the ones in Paris. This area covers 1810 of the total 4455 hectares of the city, it is really quite vaste which is over 500 metres long.

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