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The Cannes Film Festival is a very prestigious film festival and was held for the first time from September 20 to October 5 1946, in the coastal city of Cannes, in the south of France. It takes place in the Palais des Festivals on promenade de la Croisette and it has been celebrated there every year with the odd exceptions.

This Festival attacts the atention of all the media and receives the visits of important artists, Hollywood actors and directors as well as a large number of independent film makers. The prize given in this Festival is the very famous 'Palme D'Or' that is awarded by a professional jury, with the prize sometimes being shared by two movies.

This film festival is as important as the Festivals of Berlin, Venice, San Sebastian, Mar de la Plata or Karlovy Vary.

Other Festivals in Cannes are:

« The International Actorsí Performance Festival.

« Festival de la Plaisance - is celebrated in September and is all about boats.

« Carnival on the Riveria, celebrated in February or March, which is a parade through the streets across the city before Shrove Tuesday.

« The International Festival of Game is celebrated in February and specially intended for game lovers, with games such as bridge, belote, backgammon, chess, draughts and tarot-reading.

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