France travel guide


France Travel Guide

Ch?teau de Chambord, Loire Valley

This place is the perfect mixture of French Renaissance and Classical Italian architectures and it was built by King Francois I, but unfortunately the whole of the original architectural design was never finished.

The Chteau was built to be the hunting residence of the king since it would be close to the residence of the Comtesse de Thoury (the king`s mistress) and now it is one of the most popular touristic places in Loire Valley. It is not certain who came with the original design, though it is mostly attributed to Domenico da Cortona; there are many supporters of the idea of Leonardo Da Vinci being the original designer.

This Chteau is a dream, full of extravagance and beauty. You can get to see the royal chambers of Francois I and also Louis XIV, besides the amazing stairways and terraces. It has a nice view of the Grand Channel as well.

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