France travel guide


France Travel Guide

From the sceneries of the movie Am?lie


The movie released in 2001 made people all over the world felt in love with the story, which tells the life of a young Parisian waitress; became so popular that made tourists to come to Paris only to live the fairy tale by visiting the locations.
Here youll find some important information to make your plans to travel and live with Amlie your own romantic story.
  • Start at Enghien-les-Bains, the town where Amlie grows up, then pass to the Maison Fournaise, where Renoir painted "Le djeuner des Canotiers" which is the painting Amlie's neighbor, the place now is the Restaurant de la Maison Fournaise.

  • Continue with a visit to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame where Amlie and her mother were usually to ask for a sibling to the child and where unfortunately Amlie's mother is killed by a tourist who falls from one of the towers; a new perspective of this part of the tour is to use a bike, feel the breeze on your face, the sunlight you can take a bike for rent and enjoy of this cinema experience.

  • Continue from there, head to the Pont des Arts with the Institut de France behind her and the Louvre up ahead, where she's dedicated to do good works for others. Like the scene when Amelie helps a blind man cross the street to take him to a subway stop? While tell him everything she sees, the activity of the street, the life of a normal day in the neighborhood, vendors promoting their products, people doing the shopping, and more can be found in the Rue Mouffetard market on Sunday morning in Paris. From here, crossing the street find a bakery where you cannot miss to order a croissant au chocolat et aux amandes.

  • Pass to the area of the Canal Saint Martin, a quiet area even you feel the cars far and less noticeable, this place is where Amlie go to relax, throwing stones to water.

  • Continue to Montmartre where Amlie gives Nino, the boy that she likes, some clues so he can know her. Pass in front of the carousel at the foot of the stairs going up to the Sacre Coeur, and climbs to the viewpoint from here you can get a beautiful view of the city. People recommend here a visit to La Ptaudire, a restaurant really good where you can spend some time chatting and meeting new people.

  • A must in the tour is the Caf des Deux Moulins; the same cafe where Amlie works in the film, also as you are in the district of Montmartre you can get close to Amlie, for a walk around the area longer and enjoy it. Coffee is typically Parisian certainly move you to the optimistic mood and magic of the film.

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