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France Travel Guide

From the Normandy?s beaches

Situated in Northern France, Normandy offers visitors a range of golden beaches, must-see, and towns as diverse as picturesque; many of Normandys beaches are famous for the D-Day World War II sites and here youll find information about them.

The tour can begin at Caen, the cultural and economic capital of Lower Normandy which was occupied by German troops and bombed for two months; during this time, two thousand people were killed and almost all the city was destroyed. It was a miracle that their cultural heritage (the magnificent collection of paintings by Rubens, Monet home to the castle of William the Conqueror) and monuments (as the Abbey of Men XI century) came out without damage.

During your tour youll visit the Memorial for Peace which includes guided tours to the D-Day beaches and exhibits on other failures and triumphs of peace, such as September 11th and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Continuing the tour you can visit the port of Arromanches used for the maintenance of troops. Then get to know Longues-sur-Mer, a battery located just 5 km from Arromanches and Normandy is the only one that still retains its guns.

You can observe the American military cemetery of Colleville opened in 1956 by French President Coty and General Marshall, where lie 9,387 American soldiers died in the Battle of Normandy and the graves of fallen American soldiers during the First World War.

Omaha Beach:

This beach has the Memorial Museum of the Omaha beach accessed directly from the American cemetery, is the place where assault troops of the First Infantry Division of the U.S. who had to face fierce resistance from German troops at dawn on D Day; the result was 40% of the men died at the beach the first day.

On the centre of Omaha Beach, on Les Braves, the French sculptor Anilore Banon pays tribute to American soldiers who liberated France with a sculpture simulating free wings sprouting from the sand and water; which consists of three elements: The Wings of Hope, Rise of Freedom and The Wings of Fraternity.

English Cemetery:

Keep the bodies buried of 4648 soldiers and fighters of the Second World War; is situated in Bayeux, where also you can visit the Museum of Tapestry of Bayonne. In front of the cemetery you can see the monument in memory of the 2092 Commonwealth soldiers killed during the Battle of Normandy.

La Pointe du Hoc:

It is one of the most preferred and interesting in the tour, because was the scenery of one of the most heroic episodes, a fight which lasted two days and had 90 rangers who survived. La Pointe du Hoc remains as it was, with its gaps open by shells and demolished bunkers.

The village of Sainte-Mere-Eglise was a strategic place because was taken by the paratroopers of the 82nd American Division. The soldier was suspended from the parachute, which had caught on the tip of the bell, and stayed two hours playing dead under fire until he could be released. Even today, a parachute hanging from the roof of the church remembers the episode.

The tour concludes at the German cemetery of La Cambe where the remains of 21 500 German soldiers lies most of them from 18 to 21 years; in the about 7 acres of gardens.
Enjoy of this tour of just over 200 miles that will take to past times and make you learn about history in those hard days.

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