France travel guide


France Travel Guide

From the sceneries of the movie - The Da Vinci Code

You've read this best seller write by Dan Brown then for sure you’ve seen the film, why not take a tour around the Paris sceneries of the Da Vinci Code.

The Da Vinci Code walking tour includes not only history or knowledge but also intrigue and hidden clues which makes it more enjoyable; travel through the intriguing pages and follow the adventure of symbolist Robert Langdon while he and Sophie search for the clues that lie hidden throughout Paris.

  • The tour begins at the Hotel Ritz where the novel starts with Robert Langdon asleep until the police knock on his door and is being call to go the Louvre to help solve Jacques Saunière's murder.

  • Then walk through the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Gardens) from the Gardens you’ll pass to the Carrousel du Louvre, and the Grand Gallery where Silas assassinated the museum guardian Jacques Saunièr also you’ll enjoy of the view of the inverted pyramid which is believed, according to the book, to hosts the Holy Grail itself; know the places where Langdon makes a daring escape from the French police and cross the Pont des Arts.

  • Continuing with the tour you’ll go to the Church of St-Germain-des-Pres and close the tour with the church St. Sulpice located in the Latin Quarter, here find the famous Rose Line and explore the church inside going on the Rose Line to the towering obelisk in which base where Silas broke through the floor looking for the keystone in a hollow space because he thought there was the Holy Grail.

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