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Dijon's Monuments

  • The Palace of the Dukes

    Initially a Gallo-Roman fortress during the 9th century, it was rebuilt several times being the first time in 1366 by Phillip the Good, then it was enlarged starting on the 15th century turning it into a Duke's Palace.

    This outstanding architectural marvel is in very good conditions and nowadays serves as both the Dijon Town Hall and the Museum of Arts. It includes the seat of the Dukes of Burgundy, the Terrace with a panoramic view, the ducal kitchen, the residence of the Duke, plus different rooms.

  • Saint Michel Cathedral of Dijon

    This beautiful cathedral was dedicated to the martyr and patron of Dijon Saint Benignus of Dijon. It was built in the end of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th century (1280-1325). It displays a gothic architecture and it is considered one of France monuments. It survived a fire in the town and has suffered different accidents. It was in this cathedral that the burial of Phillip the Good, the Duke of Burgundy, took place.

  • Notre Dame Church

    Built in the 13th century this Gothic church is a famous French monument that contains the Black Virgin which is considered a very old wooden sculpture in Europe and a treasure of Dijon town. This church displays a clock tower, two galleries and gargoyles.

    The gargoyles that can be seen now are not the original ones, matter of fact they are replacements for the original one and were place at the end of the 19th century. The clock tower displays mechanical figures, and it was built in 1382. Notre Dame church has survived many accidents, including a fire.

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