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Disabled visitors

Disabled people are for the most part discriminated against. There aren't many facilities in transport services, hotels, banks, pubs, shopping centres or public toilets, and France is not the exception. Despite this they have already implented some improvements such as ramps, widening doorways for wheelchair users and other forms of access in those places. Facilities for people with all types of disabilities need to be made more user friendly, for example public transport. In most cases there is not a ramp to get on the train and it takes a while to find someone to assist you. It is true though that others have places for wheelchairs in the first class saloon with no charge. Most cinemas, especially the more modern multi-screen types, provide good facilities for disabled people too.

If you are hoping to travel in France it's a good idea to explain exactly what your needs are. This will help service providers understand what adjustments they might need to make to the way they provide their services. The French Ministry of Tourism, has initiated a campaign which is proving to be of invaluable help disabled people when travelling.

The Eurotunnel now offers a unique service for disabled people. From London to Paris it is often easier to take the Eurostar than flying. And many other tranport services offer discounts and benefits for disabled people.

There are many resources on the web where you can find information about disabled people in France:


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