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French Cheese

France is also famous for its different kinds of cheese. There are currently 500 types of cheese of different flavours so you'll have a long list to choose from. Of course French cheese is an ingredient many french dishes, such as, salads, pastas, sandwiches, and also as an aperitif. French cheese has calcium, which is essential for the building and for the protection of bones and teeth and also the prevention of osteoporosis. French cheeses have the Protected Designation of Origin, this is a European Union designation for all the well-established cheeses.

French cheeses are divided in these groups:
  • Blue Cheeses
  • Fresh Cheeses
  • Goat Cheeses
  • Pressed, uncooked cheeses
  • Pressed, cooked cheeses
  • Processed Cheeses
  • Soft, bloomy-rind cheeses
  • Soft, washed rind cheeses

By milk:
  • Cow and Ewe's milk
  • Cow and unpasteurised milk
  • Cow or Goat's milk
  • Cow's milk
  • Ewe and goat's milk
  • Ewe's milk
  • Goat's milk

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