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France Travel Guide

Eating & Drinking in France

French cuisine is exquisite and famous worldwide. It has been taken as a model in many culinary schools as a base for cooking because of its technique, which can be a little bit complicated. The French are very careful about their food, they care about every detail even if it is an easy recipe. Traditional French chefs are trying to keep to the old ways, but today modern chefs are mixing ingredients to make that special meal dish. In many cases they are trying to experiment with the fusion of French cuisine with that of other countries. And there are also some places where foreign cuisine is available for example, North African, Moroccan, Caribbean and Asian food.

Vegetarians aren't very well catered for. There are some places with vegetarian dishes in towns and in other cities, but you'll be better opting to go to any pizzeria to ask for a vegetarian pizza or preparing your own food. There are plenty of markets where you can make your purchases.

Each French region has its own cuisine, besides of them there is also Loire Valley cuisine, Basque cuisine and Roussillon cuisine, so if you travel through France you'll get to know each region's gastronomy, with a marked differences between them all. Of course there is prepared food, so if you want to make dinner for yourself, you can buy fruit and vegetables from supermarkets, grocery stores, small markets or street markets. However these are only open on specific days in some regions. If you want other types of food, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine are very popular too.

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Cooking schools

Cooking schools in France

Research and compare cooking school locations, culinary degrees offered, cost, facilities, class size, and reputation to find the one that will help get your career. Almost all cooking schools are accredited throughout the world and will train you to be the head chef of your own fabulous restaurant.

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