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Can health insurance cover you in France?

It can be all too easy to forget that the health system from country to country can vary significantly when we are so free to utilise the NHS here in the UK. Travelling can really hit home how lucky we are to always be able to receive treatment when we need it most, as it is only when we have an accident or feel ill abroad that we are faced with the looming threat of having to pay exceptionally high healthcare bills! If you are wondering where you stand with regards to health insurance when travelling to France, check out the following guide...

Knowing the difference between health insurance and travel insurance can help to clear up a lot in the way of confusion when it comes to what paper work you need for travelling to France. Each of the aforementioned pieces of travel paperwork carries different purposes and intentions. Travel insurance is essentially something that is geared up to help you out in the case of your trip being cancelled or if your airline was to lose your luggage. Travel insurance has a great many benefits in this respect but can also carry many limitations. Wherever you travel it is important to find a travel insurance scheme that matches up with your personal requirements. Travel insurance is also not equipped enough in all situations to cover you for long term medical treatment.

Now, when it comes to health insurance, it is certainly something that can cover you to both routine and emergency healthcare. While you will not be able to receive private health care treatment, health insurance will be able to assist you with everything from check-ups to hospital stay. While there are a wide range of health insurance plans out there, the European Health Insurance Card should be all you need for a trip to France (or any other country under the EEA). An EHIC will help you to access healthcare for free or significantly lower cost and will ensure you stay safe in the case of a life threatening, emergency situation.

The great thing about the EHIC is that is not only give you access to doctors but dentists too. Be sure to apply for or renew your EHIC card and check that everyone I your travel party has one too before you travel. Be sure to allow up to 10 days to receive your online European health insurance card renewal and order one in good time before you travel. Sometimes, even with an EHIC, you will be asked to pay for your treatment first and then will be able to get a refund on your amount paid. If you require treatment abroad but do not have an EHIC card with you, you will need to pay for your treatment and contact your own private insurance company to try and get refunded.

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health, particularly when apply for EHIC cards and travel insurance is so quick and can all be done online. Keep yourself and your travel party safe whilst in France!

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