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Will Brexit affect parcel delivery to France from the UK?

Currently, France is the fifth biggest economy in the world. As well as that, France is also home to the second largest consumer market in Europe. Since France in easy reach of UK, shipping products from the UK to France is simple - for now. Beware that parcel delivery services are set to change as soon as the UK leaves the EU. For reliable, inexpensive parcel delivery services please visit

As Brexit plans move forward we may find parcel delivery to France from the UK a little more complicated than it is at the moment. When we say goodbye to our packages and ship them to France, we do so with little limitations. As long as the contents of your package don't cross the items couriers are not prohibited to carry or send to another country, you shouldn't have any problem. On some occasions, no more than a quick security scan is performed and with little argument, your parcel flies through customs. This means packages can be moved quickly between regions and can be collect today to be delivered elsewhere tomorrow - but when Britain divides from the European Union that is likely to change.

As soon as the UK leaves the EU, every package that is sent from the UK will need to go through customs in the recipient as well as pass rigorous safety practices. With more than half of UK exports being sent around the EU, Brexit will put extra pressure on the 27 countries that remain within the union. Similarly, the same strain will be put onto UK customs since those shipments that were once allowed freely into the UK will need to be inspected at the same standard.

It's not just the time that we will see impacted. Every item to soon come into the country after Brexit with a value of over £15 will be subject to duties and VAT. VAT will be around 20% of the total value of the item, so the more expensive the item you send abroad costs, the more VAT you'll have to pay. Most countries request a handling fee to. This could be as much as 25% or a quarter of the products value. To put this into perspective, each time you order on Amazon in the future, you will be subject to those costs - no matter what you purchase, so we strongly recommend getting your goods in now!

Similarly, the cost of consumer goods is set to increase by at least 32%, providing we follow Norway's footsteps. To put that into perspective a typical pair of Nike shoes that cost £59 in the UK will cost you £77 in Norway and roughly £88 in Switzerland. Astonishing, isn't it? Those hoping to price goodies competitively will be equally as affected since they could fall into the EU's protectionist anti-dumping regulations. It's possible that Britain might no longer qualify for favourable trade agreements either.

Brexit will affect more than just the obvious factors when it comes to leaving the EU. There's no question that the impact of Britain leaving the European Union will affect parcel delivery to France from the UK - or to any European country for that matter. The same rules that apply to non-EU countries will eventually apply to the UK too.

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