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French Courses in France

French in France Whether you want to learn French to work or study in this beautiful country, or just want to communicate with local people during your vacation, France is the perfect place to learn this extraordinary language. French is an important idiom to learn nowadays, it can allow people to work in international businesses and work as teachers and translators. If you have decided to study abroad in this awesome city which has well-ranked universities, then it is for sure you will acquire the required level taking French lessons in France. 

French is the 11th most-spoken idiom in the world and it is official in about 33 countries. It is a Romance language such as Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Its vocabulary has several similarities with the words of these languages. How this is the official idiom in France, there are many language schools that offer French courses and programs that also immerse students in the culture of France.

This idiom opens doors to many opportunities. Several international companies require employees to speak and understand it very well. In case you decide to go to work to another country such as Canada (Quebec), Switzerland, Belgium, Guyana where French is also spoken, you have to know that accents are different, but the the wrtiting is standard.

If you want to visit this awesome country as a tourist, then French courses in France will help you to have a more pleacent and very comfortable trip, because you could ask and talk with French people when you need, at restaurants, shops, etc. No matter the time you think to stay in the beautiful France, there will always be a language course that will allow you to learn French. Of course you can also learn this idiom in your country before traveling.


How to choose a language school?

Learning a new language takes a long time, it takes a lot of input and patience. French is no an exception to this rule. Although, it is considered as a difficult language to learn, you can learn it and acquire fluency quickly ,if you put time and effort on doing it. Language schools have different methods to help students to learn this beautiful idiom and make it as easy as you can imagine. Schools suggest students to do many activities to expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar and speaking, but how to choose the right one?

In order to choose the right school to learn the French language, consider the following points:
  • First, determine what your available time to learn the French language is. It can run from days to months and even years.
  • Take in mind the location of the school. Would you prefer a school near your neighborhood?
  • Consider the money you are able to spend paying your classes. You can find a good, but not expensive school if you look for information.

Language schools

There are also other important characteristics you can look into a school:
  • Does it include audio-visual methods and real-life situations in teaching?
  • Does the school offer you extra activities? (French and sports)
  • Does the school offer the type of program you want? (Mini-group courses, group courses, individual courses, courses for adults and young people, etc)
  • Does the school offer the program you want? (intensive French courses, Executive French courses,DELF- Diploma in French Studies preparation courses, etc)
  • Are personal attention and quality in education offered by the school?
  • Do the courses suit your requirements?
  • Do you need to take a placement test to know your current level?( (Beginner, intermediate or advanced) 

The aforementioned are some important issues you have to take in mind in order to choose a language school that meet your needs. Just as an example, the following are some language schools in France:
    23, boulevard de Sebastopol
    75001 Paris 
    Metro, RER : Châtelet , Les Halles
    Phone: +33 1 42 36 31 51
  • ACCORD French Language School
    14, boulevard Poissonnière 
    75009 Paris
    Phone: +33 1 55 33 52 33
  • BLS 
    42, rue Lafaurie de Monbadon, 
    33000 Bordeaux, 
    Phone: +33 (0)5 56 06 99 83 
  • Coeur de France Ecole de Langues 
    La Thaumassière
    1 Place de la Panneterie
    18300 Sancerre
    Phone: +33 2 48 79 34 08
    2, rue Alexis Mossa
    06000 Nice
    Phone: +33 (0)4 93 96 33 84
If you are going to travel to France, don’t lose the opportunity to learn this idiom. Taking language courses and practicing your speaking with local people will help you to improve your language skills.

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