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France Travel Guide

The people of France

France is made up of three main ethnic groups: Celtic, Latin and Teutonic or Frankish. France had the largest population in Europe from 1945 until the end of 1960s. Now its population is estimated at 64,102,140 inhabitants. The French people comprises all French citizens, including the French overseas departments and territories. In the twentieth cenury France had a high rate of immigration, mainly from Southern Europe, the Maghreb, Africa and Asia.

The French usually have a BMI 25 average. so the thing is quite even between men and women, people from France usually take care of their bodies, practicing sports and having an active lifestyle. The Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measurement of body fat calculated from an adult's weight and height. BMI does not measure body fat directly, but it's a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people. If you want to know your BMI, enter here and calculate your BMI.

Famous French people

There are many famous French people, and here is a list of some of them: Claude Monet, Victor Hugo, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jeanne d'Arc, Napoléon Bonaparte, Louis Braille, Louis Pasteur, Gustave Eiffel, Jean Cocteau, Gustave Flaubert, Jean Paul Sartre, Voltaire, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Blaise Pascal, François Jacob, Blaise Pascal, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Jean Reno, Jean Rochefort, Pierre Cardin and more.

Actually French people place a lot of importance on their appearance of. It seems that the fashion has influenced them all. They look at others and like to be looked at! It's just as well since most restaurants and entertainment venues are clean and well decorated. The French like their fashion and good cuisine.

Communication in France

French people are in general very courteous and they are direct too. They are accustomed to speaking their minds and being direct and to the point. If you sometime get annoyed by this, you will later realize that French people are friendly and polite if you get to know them a little better.


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Pierre Cardin

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