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Historical casinos to visit in Monte Carlo

If you're going on holiday, you may decide you want to visit some of the world's historic casinos. In some parts of the world, casino gambling has a long history. This is true for the small principality of Monaco, which is located along the Mediterranean Sea. Probably the most famous casino here is the Monte Carlo Casino. However, some other historic casinos can be found here.

The sun casino

The Sun Casino is one historic casino that can be found in Monte Carlo. The casino is about 40 years old and appeals to the gambler who enjoys American casino games. Tournaments are held often at the Sun Casino they can consist of either poker tournaments or blackjack. Since its opening, the casino has been host to numerous high profile tournaments. For poker players, the Sun Casino is the hands down best place in Monte Carlo.

The poker room has four tables with varying table limits. One of the more preferred poker variations is Texas Hold ‘Em and other similar community card poker games. Players can choose to play cash games or private party games. Either way, the poker playing is top of the line.

Not only is the Sun Casino well known for poker playing but they have a nice selection of slot machines. With over 300 machines the range is similar to other popular casinos.

Expect to find video poker, multi-games and scroll machines. The casino here also has a small stage for entertainment to occur within the gaming room. To further add to the excitement, shows and music can be heard here. Live music is regular on both Friday and Saturday nights. For those who want to dine while visiting, Le Circus, is the Sun Casino's exclusive restaurant. With daily specials, the Sun Casino also offers an array of salads and pasta dishes.

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