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Insurance in France

Do you want to be more informed about insurance in France? then here, you not only can find information about it, but also the basic concepts. There are different types of insurances in France, which are offered by companies. In this section, find detailed information about home, car, life, travel and health insurance.

Home insurance in France

Home Insurance

There are two distinct types of home insurances, buildings insurances and contents insurances. Contents insurances give protection to all things that are not part of your home, such as appliances, electronics, furniture, and clothing, so it is important you review the policies offered to see what kinds of items are covered. Buildings insurances are vital: they cover the funds to rebuild your home in case it is destroyed or damaged. Some policies only cover the market value. The policy may also cover damages caused by events beyond the homeowner’s control.

In France, it is a legal requirement to have insurance for your house, whether you own or rent it. It (that is always comprehensive) covers even damages for natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc. If you are moving to France from the USA or from any other country where English is the official language, it is better that you arrange the contract with companies that make it in English. Before the contract, check what it is covered and get just what you need.
Car insurance in France

Car Insurance

It covers automobile's loss or damage. The coverage is purchased according to the needs and possibilities of the customers. Coverage include: bodily injury liability, property damage and medical expenses and collision.

In France, cars must be insured for collision liability. It is also a legal requirement. People who own cars and do not have car insurance can get a punishment of about 6 months in prison. In case you are visiting France, whether you are going to stay in this country for short or long-term, you will find a car hire agreement or a long-term solution for insurance. If you arrive to France with a car, then you can buy a provisional policy valid for 8, 15 or 30 days.
Life insurance in France

Life Insurance

It is purchased by people who want to protect their families in case of death. This would be very useful in the event that you are the only economic support of your family. It covers mortgage repayments, replaces the primary earner’s salary, and replaces childcare and education expenses. Review the terms and conditions of your policy before you purchase it.

In France, health insurance is one of the most important aspects in the French system regarding social security. It covers expenses related to illness, maternity, disability, death, etc. At the same time it covers occupational diseases. Around 80% of people are insured with the “Régime général d`assurance maladie” or general health insurance.   
Travel insurance in France

Travel Insurance

It covers a serie of mishaps that may occur during the trip. Covers unforeseen events that require medical attention as well as loss of personal property like baggage, canceled or delayed flights or even the cost of repatriation. 

If you are planning to visit France and you are thinking to require a visa, you must know that a health coverage is mandatory. Simple travel insurance can cover lost luggage, medical emergency, lost money due to the cancellation of a trip. If you want, you can also get a short or a long-term medical insurance (it includes also treatment of illness).
Health insurance in France

Health Insurance

Today, it is more than necessary. It is better to get it in case of an accident or a serious illness. This will provide us with a somewhat greater peace of mind. Sometimes, it does not cover health care for actual medical conditions; so, you should review the terms and coverage before buying your policy. There are plenty of plans that may be chosen according to your needs and economic possibilities.

Health insurance is one of the requirements to become a resident in France. If you are planning to stay in this beautiful country for a long time, then you will be requested to have it.The medical expenses in this country are less than USA for example, so you need to be well-informed about health insurance in order to get one that suits your needs at a non expensive cost.

How you can prove insurance in France is compulsory in some cases such as home insurance, so if you are thinking to stay a long-term in this extraordinary country, then reading important information such this will be also required. For other subjects, we invite you to check our other sections in our website.

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