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Arrival to Lyon

Lyon By Plane

The main airport in Lyon is the Saint-Exupéry International Airport which is located 25kms (15.5miles) away on the east part of the city. It receives European flights as well as low-cost flights suck as EasyJet. More than 40 airlines use this airport. At the airport, you'll find many facilities, a post office, snack bars, restaurants, pharmacy and more. The best way to get to the city is using the Satobus coach that has an all day service. Taxis are also available.
Tel. 08-26-80-08-26

Lyon By Train

The main train station in Lyon is the Lyon-Part-Dieu station and there is another one, the Lyon-Perrache station which serves regional rail transport destinations. Many trains offer services to the north (Lille, Paris) and the south part (Marseille, Montpellier). The TGVs takes approximately two hours to get to Paris, and the airport is directly connected with its station.
Tel. 08-92-35-35-35

Lyon By Car

Lyon is very easy to reach from Paris, just take the A8/E1 southeast to Lyon, and take the E1/A7 west to Aix-en-Provence. If you are driving to Lyon from Grenoble or the French Alps take the A43 and you'll arrive at the northwest part of Lyon.

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