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  • Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière

    The magnificent Fourvière Basilica is located at the top of the Fourvière Hill. The name of this hill may come from the first inhabitants of the mountain: the Romans, who called the hill Forum Vetus. These monuments are pretty modern. The architect Bossan built in the 19th century. The basilica is known as the "upside-down elephant" because of its 4 octagonal towers. Its structure is a rather strange mix of architectural styles, including oriental, oriental, neo-classical and medieval influences.

  • Bartholdi Fountain

    The Bartholdi Fountain is a impressive public fountain that is located la place des Terreaux, this square is the heart of Lyon's civic life. This monument was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in 1889, who later created the Statue of Liberty, it illustrates the rivers flowing into the ocean. The fountain has a tremendous amount of detail and the four horses seem very real, which represent four rivers racing for the ocean, pulling the chariot forward. This a pleasant place to stroll during the day and in the evening with its contemporary fountains and illuminations that have recently been added.

  • Tour Métallique

    The metal tower is a monument Fourviere which adjoins the basilica Fourviere. This monument is a round metal structure with a size of 85.9 meters and weighing 210 tonnes, of which the architecture is similar to the third floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Built on the basis of a plan Mr. Colonge, on the grounds of the Gay family, we place a restaurant at the top , because the altitude hollow appetite is well known, which you could access by a Roux-hydraulic lift Combaluzier 22 places articulated piston, 70-meter race. It remains the highest point in Lyon, culminating at 372 meters. The elevation of 350 m above the Saône is the same between the top of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.

  • Lyon Opera House

    At the XVIIIth century, Soufflot built the first theater, but the theater soon becames too small and the architects Chenavard and Pollet rebuild a brand new one in a neo-classical style in 1830. Jean Nouvel renovate completely the opera house, during the end of the XXth century, who also designed a tall, steel and glass barrel vault that added a considerable amount of space that was not there before, then he dig new levels and add a dome that is used by the dancers. It added eleven new level, the six higher levels are encased in vaulted glass while the first five levels of the opera house are underground. On the opera house fronton, 8 muses have been placed. The opera house dome offers a beautiful view on the town hall and the Croix-Rousse district.

  • Place Bellecour

    Place Bellecour is a huge square covered with red gravel, is located between the Rhône and the Saône, with an equestrian statue of Louis XIV by the Lyons sculptor F. Lemot. Place Bellecour is the fourth largest square in France with its 310 meters long and 200 meters wide. The place is a large pedestrian area with its center, an equestrian statue of Louis XIV from 1825, designed by Frederic Francois Lemot. When the statue arrived to the city of Lyon, the whole city was full of popular festivals and grand ceremonies. Now, there are interesting shops along the perimeter of the square. I found one with unbelievable gastronomic delights made out of any kind of fish.

  • Fresque des Lyonnais

    La Fresque des Lyonnais displays a 25 personnages historiques lyonnais and 6 personnages comptenporains with 800 m², this mural has 2000 years of history, was done by the City of Creation in 1994/95. To visit this monument, go in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, at the corner of 49 quai St-Vincent and rue de la Martiniere 2. There are more than 150 giant murals on walls all over Lyon depicting historical events or famous people or simply creating a trompe l'oeil effect, being the best famous is La fresque des Lyonnais.

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