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France Travel Guide

The Media in France

You won't have any problem with Post Offices as they are open 10 hours a day and the main Post office in Paris is open 24 hours a day. This timetable can of course change if you are spending your holidays in a small town or in a village. As in any other country the name, address, postcode of the city you are sending the letter is necessary, as well as the details of the recipient. You can receive letters at the main post offices of any town in France. If you want to post your letter while you are out walking put it in one of the yellow postboxes you'll find in the street.

If you want to make a phone call you can buy a phone card. They are cheap and can be found in any tourist office, train station ticket offices or in the post offices. Phone calls within France, even long distance, can be made dialling the ten digits of the phone number. Those numbers which begin with 08.00 are free, and those beginning with 08.36 are premium numbers which are expensive. The same appplies to those that begin with 06, because they are mobile numbers.

If you want to make an international phone call you may want to buy a call card. They are easy to use, you just have to open an account before travelling, and you can pay for the calls monthly with your credit card. However these phone calls are more expensive.

If you want to get a mobile phone in France, there's an easy way. You will just need to open a French Bank account, and this can be done by providing a copy of a utility bill with your name on it. French banks accept foreign utility bills so by doing this you'll be able to obtain a certificate known as Relève d'Identité Bancaire (RIB). With the RIB and your ID you can go to any mobile phone shop and purchase a mobile phone.

Newspapers and magazines are almost all written in French, so if you don't speak French they are probably not a good option for keeping up to date with the news in your country. You will, though find many magazines written in English that are on sale in Paris on the same day of publication. The most popular newspaper in France is Le Monde, but with not a lot of information about fashion, photos or similar things. The sports newspaper is L'Équipe and the communist party paper is L'Humanité.

Internet is the best channel of communication. You know how easy it is to access to any newspaper online or any tv programme. In France you can communicate with your family in any internet café, so it won't be a problem getting in contact with anyone you want. France is completely online, the government offices, tourist offices, bars and restaurants, language courses and hotels have found on the internet the best way to sell their products or services. Nowadays owners and State Bodies place a lot of importance on having a website and making their business or ideas known for all the cybernauts looking for services or products similar to theirs or looking for any kind of information about France.

Television in France is quite good. Apart from the six local channels there are the cable networks, with local and international information, BBC, CNN, MTV and other popular channels. If you want to know more about French music the French-run MCM is a good guide.

On the Radio you can listen to the news on the state-run France Inter (87.8 FM), English language news on 648kHz, the BBC World Service. The Voice of America transmits on 90.5, 98.8 and 102.4 FM.

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