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Moving to France

Moving to France Have you decided to relocate to the beautiful France and enjoy of a life changing experience? If so, you need to be prepared for the moving process. France attracts foreign residents who look to relocate overseas, and there is no one but many reasons for it. Just to mention some examples, people can feel attracted by the extraordinary health care system provided in the country, its reasonable cost of living, excellent transport, etc. Here we are going to give you some basic information about France, important things to take in mind such as learning the language, and advices for the moving process that people who relocate to France need to take into consideration. The process of moving to France involves many things, so you need to be ready for it.

France basic information:

  • Government: Unitary Republic (with a President)
  • Population: 65,073,482
  • Territory Size: 674,843km2
  • Currency: Euro†
  • International dialing code: 33+
  • Religion: Mixed. Around 51% of people are Catholics.

One important thing you must consider is learning the French language, if you can do it before moving to France, it will be great, but if you canít, good news is that there are excellent language schools with intensive and specialized courses that can help you to improve and learn this idiom. Learning the French language will allow you to communicate with French people and immerse in their culture. Just imagine how easily will be to ask for dinner in a restaurant, attend to the doctor, talk with salespersons at stores, etc. You must try to communicate accurately with French people in order your staying be more comfortable and you feel further as in home.

Likewise, you have to be prepared for the moving process, it means for lots of pressure and stress. The main issue is that you need to be organized and also contract punctual and kind movers. International moving companies can help you to make easy the process of relocating. They also offer lots of houses in France, but there is one little thing that you have to be careful with, and that is you need to check the background of the company you are going to contract. On Internet you can get free quotes from moving companies, we also†recommend you to check info about some moving companies in France. Remember that international movers will help you with the overseas move.

Advices for moving

Moving abroad is more than just packing all your belongings and taking a plane to your new house in France, it involves some of the following things:
  • Having some important phone numbers at hand is a good idea, this list may include the phone number of local authorities, major public services and people that you know from your new and old neighborhood.
  • Don't forget to notify all major institutions about your address change. Among these you may consider tax offices, banks and immigration offices.
  • Before you move you must pay all your utility bills such as water, electricity, phones and others.
  • To guarantee the safety of your valuables such financial documents, passports, legal papers and jewelry you must put them in a bank deposits.
  • About children, you must look for a good-quality-education school in France. It is for sure you will find the right one, because France has an excellent education system.
  • It is very important make sure that you have bought an appropriate insurance to keep your goods safe during the process of moving.
  • Remember, before moving you should obtain essential medication or prescriptions needed for the members of your family.
  • Organize your personal belongings in boxes and mark them, once this is done, inventory your packed belongings so you can chose the most important things to be opened first.

It is certainly, you will need of an international moving company, so we recomend you to visit moving companies†in France.†If you have decided to relocate in France, you also have to read a lot of information, in order you feel quickly more confident in the great France. We invite you to visit some other sections of France travel guide.

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