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France Travel Guide

Museums of France

Museums in France by destinations:

 1  Museums of Avignon
 2  Museums of Bordeaux
 3  Museums of Cannes
 4  Museums of Dijon
 5  Museums of Lyon
 6  Museums of Marseille
 7  Museums of Nice
 8  Museums of Paris
 9  Museums of Strasbourg
 10  Museums of Toulouse
 11  Museums of Nimes
 12  Museums of Saint Tropez

For art and museum lovers, Paris is the best option that will leave you surely impressed due to the great quantity and quality of its museums. Obviously your visit to Paris will be justified for the presence of Le Louvre but Paris has too much to offer beside this great museum and here you will have some advice about other impressive places that hosts the culture and history of France.

Some Important museums of France:

Louvre Museum
Le Louvre, surely is the most popular museum in Paris and The biggest museum in the world, a place where you can spend days and days discovering and admiring of 1848 wonderful paintings, sculptures and art from antique civilizations, by the other hand if you donít have enough time to see everything Louvre has to offer then you cannot miss a visit to The Gioconda or Mona Lisa.
View more: The Louvre Museum

The Pompidou Centre
The Centre Georges Pompidou known also as Beaubourg due to the neighborhood it occupies, The Centre Pompidou has an average of 26,000 visitors daily attracted for the ride in its glass-enclosed elevators and most of them for its breathtaking view of Paris.
View more: The Pompidou Centre

The Orsay Museum
Located in front of Le Louvre in an old railroad station, the Musťe d'Orsay is considered the second museum in Paris and marks a major reorganization of Paris' art collections. The museum houses paintings and sculpture from the 1848-1914 period.
View more: The Orsay Museum

The Rodin Museum
Auguste Rodin is known as one of France's most important sculptors in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries; His work is exposed at one of Paris' most charming museums, the Musťe Rodin which now occupies places where the sculptor once lived and visitors will find all their favorites there, such as the famous Kiss, the moving Cathedral and more.
View more: The Rodin Museum

More information:

Donít worry about your budget if you are really interested in visit the museums around Paris then buy a museum pass which will allow you no admission charge and no waiting in lines, and thatís not all, it doesnít have a limit of times you can visit more than 70 museums and monuments in Paris and in the Paris region also in some museums Sundays are often half-price and sometimes free.

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