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  • Saint Reparate Cathedral

    Cathédrale Sainte Réparate in French. This catholic cathedral is seat of the bishop and dedicated to Nice Patron-Saint Reparata. It was turned into a cathedral in 1590 and it started to be rebuilt in 1649, though it was not ready until 1757. It has a wonderful bell and very interesting inside decoration. It has 10 chapels inside and a ceramic-covered dome. The most interesting thing about this cathedral is the martyr saint that gives it its name: Saint Reparate, a 15-year-old boy who because of his Christian beliefs decided not to obey the orders of the Romans and to not do sacrifices to official Gods. They tried to execute him two times being unsuccessful and had to finally cut off his head.

  • Russian Orthodox Cathedral

    This French monument was opened in 1912 under the sponsorship of Tsar Nicholas II. There is currently a dispute over the ownership of the Cathedral; the dispute is held between the parish that occupies it and the Russian State. This cathedral is considered the largest Russian Orthodox Cathedral built outside Russian borders and the main reason why it was built was to be on the service of the Russian Community in France. Frescoes and carvings are in exhibition inside but the main attraction is the architecture itself.

  • Monument Aux Morts

    Maybe the most touching memorial built in France, Aux Morts remembers the fallen soldiers from World War I. It commemorates over 3600 soldiers whose names are engraved and can be read on the monument as well as their registration codes in a reliquary. Aux Morts is built in white stone and decorated with high-reliefs by sculptor Alfred Janniot, it is the largest memorial built in France and specially touching since it faces the ocean.

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