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There are several amazing, breathtaking places in Mines, because of the mixture of history, architecture and modern life it is an obligatory stop for whoever travels by the South of France. Here some of the places we strongly recommend you to visit:
  • Try the historical centre walking through its beautiful streets where you will find the Crocodile Fountain (the Crocodile chained to a palm represents the victory of Rome over Egypt). You should also try the street of merchants and the street of Aspic.

  • A mandatory stop is Nimes Cathedral: A beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral. It is believed that the cathedral was built on the place where the Temple of August was first built. It has got a Neo-Gothic style and it was built around 1880.

  • The Temple of Diane is another attractive destination in Nimes, walking distance from the Jardins de la Fontaine, this temple was actually not a temple but it was originally built as Roman baths and later on became a church. Unfortunately this building was hardly damaged during the Wars of Religion. Its name comes from a misinterpretation since a statue of Diane was found by excavators long ago. Opening times vary depending on the month of the year and there is no entrance fee.

  • Jardins de la Fontaine are beautiful gardens considered one of the most beautiful attractions in Nimes. Created in the 18th century it has real-sized statues, something that contributes to its beauty. A beautiful fountain and different canals plus all the aforementioned attributes make this place a mandatory stop if you are travelling through southern France.

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