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Getting Around Nimes

It is true that in such small a city, as Nimes is, walking seems quite convenient since you can get most attractions on foot, but in case you donīt like walking remember that the buses are definitely a good way to get around Nimes since they go pretty much everywhere from Monday to Sunday, even holidays; they also get to communities and more rural areas. Get yourself a weekly pass so you wonīt have to worry about getting separate tickets.

There are two types of taxis: Formal and informal. In case of taking a formal taxi remember you can call them 24 seven or get them from one of the many taxi stops. These taxis have a meter so make sure your driver turns it on when required. In case of informal taxis remember that you need to set a fare before taking them.

Rent a car if you like driving but beware you will, most likely, end up paying to park your car in a parking lot since parking in the streets is not that easy.

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