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Shopping in Nimes

What place could be better for shopping than one that does not only have beautiful streets, different cultural influences but is also a modern city?

The best thing about Nimes when it comes to shopping is that everything is walking distance! And the main area for shopping in town is, as a matter of fact, downtown, around Général-Perrier street, Marchands street and Madeleine street to be precise.

If you want to have a bite while shopping try Aux Pates Fraiches for interesting food, it is located in des Broquers street.

Don´t forget to pay a visit to the daily market in the very center of Nimes at Les Halles. For clothes shopping try a very fashionable place called Cacharel located fairly close to Maison Caree.

If you feel like finding out more about bullfighting there is a shop called “El duendecillo” located in 20 rue Fresque. They have a very particular idea of sales so give it a try, even if you don´t support bullfights it may be interesting to know a little more about them.

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