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Like most modern cities, Paris has its own gay area known as the Marais neighbourhood, which is close to the City Hall. It seems to be the gay centre of gay life in this city, where you can find an entire gay community, with bars, disco, cafés , pubs, shops, hotels as well as meeting gay people from all around the world. The gay phenomenon is quite recent, so the energy is still very strong.

But the Marais is not the only place where you can find gay people. They are all around Paris, and you'll be able to identify a gay establishments by the rainbow flags that are displayed outside. You'll find some kind of gay-oriented business in virtually every neighborhood in the capital and there are plenty of guides available to help you find your way. If you are a gay visitor, you'll feel comfortable everywhere. Paris has gay associations and some time ago, the first gay mayor, Bertrand Delanoe was elected.

There is a well known, big parade in Paris, on the 24th of June, when The Gay Pride Parade takes place. Many gays and lesbians get together to walk through the most important Parisian avenues showing their sexual preferences without any fear. The parade is also an attraction for the city, with many of the participants wearing colourful clothes and others wearing little or no clothes.

Gays and Lesbian Paris Gays and Lesbian Paris

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