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Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum was opened in 1919 in an 18th century mansion where the artist once lived and worked away from the noise of the city.

As you enter to the museum will notice the presence of Rodin’s most famous sculpture, The Thinker, sit upon a pedestal, watching over the garden; also The Gates of Hell, another well known work and more sculptures which grace the garden area.

They are shared between this Paris museum, known as the Hôtel Biron, and the Villa des Brillants in Meudon, a home that Rodin had owned since 1895. The sculptures are fashioned from terracotta, plaster, bronze, marble, wax, molten glass, and stoneware. The bronze and marble sculptures are kept at the Paris location, including “The Kiss”, Rodin’s other famous work.

You won’t see only sculptures in the museum because Rodin also painted before he sculpted; and he enjoyed, some says, copying Rubens works and also portraits of his family and friends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to know this wonderful museum with its many special programs, lectures, and classes, including events for young children which will help them understand the tour.


Musée Rodin - 19, avenue Auguste Rodin - 92190 Meudon
Phone: 01 41 14 35 00
R.E.R (line C) : Meudon Val Fleury

Opening Hours:

Tuesday through Sunday: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Closed Mondays and holidays.
(Hours subject to change.)

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