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Galleries to the Rodin Museum

  • Sculptor: Rodin Museum hosts a great number of sculptures; in different materials as terracotta, plaster, bronze, marble, wax, molten glass, stoneware, etc. The exhibition includes the two most famous works of the Museum, The Kiss and The Thinker.

  • Sketcher: A sculptor has a peculiar way to draw, the sculptor always looks for space or volume and Rodin's draws weren't the exception, at least usually.

  • Painter and Engrave: Rodin painted before he sculpted and in his youth sometimes he seemed to hesitate between those. In his painting he was not much drawn to animaIs as a subject.

  • Collections: An artist’s liking for works of art comes into being with his desire to invent. His visual curiosity ranged over countries, centuries and genres. Antique dealers from all over Europe constantly offered him items, and Rodin accepted and creating gradually its own collection which is usually described under the all-embracing term “Antiquities.”

  • Meudon: Meudon hosts sculptures, all the sketches, studies, maquettes, variations and original models accurately conserved by the artist itself during his life, and although it’s made in a material of little value it is really important for students of 19th century sculpture because represents the first visible stage of a work-in-progress and the closest to the hand of the sculptor.

  • Archives: Rodin was interested for the image of his work that's why got his secretaries to stamp foreign press cuttings from the early twentieth century with a brief summing up or an actual translation attached to the documents.

  • THE PHOTOGRAPH: Rodin was born a year after the invention of the photography and have a great interest on it; Rodin built up a tremendous photographic library which enables us to follow his career step by step, to understand his working method and discover the world he lived in

  • Camille Claudel: Camille decided at a very early age to become a sculptor and became into Rodin’s talented pupil who very soon became his mistress; was time after that when both artist had a mutual influence on one another, after she made Jeune Fille à la Gerbe, Rodin made Galatea, and the Three Female Fauns of Rodin are influenced by La Vague of Camille.

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