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Shopping in Paris

Paris is a paradise if you like shopping. It is the centre of fashion and most of the best designers have their stores in this city. Parisians have a good sense of looking well and they place a lot of importance on this. The main department stores are located on boulevard Haussmann, 8th, and shopping here is a temptation. You'll find shopping centres across the city, on almost every corner, but the prices do vary a lot depending on the product and the neighborhood.

Place des Victoires

Very close to the Royal Palace, there are some important fashion names here. Discover their collections and trends.

Le Marais neighborhood

One of the oldest disctricts in Paris very much associated with fashion. Its stores are located one next to the other and you can have a relaxing a time within its bars. Take into account that the majority of the department stores are open on Sundays around the Francs-Bourgeois area (place des Vosges).

Saint-Germain des Prés

Maybe this is the most visited district of the capital city. Between Saint-Germain church, the surrounding art galleries and Saint-Sulpice church, this is where the fashion shopping centres and cafés have their shops. Enjoy looking at this very picturesque distrcict.

Foire à la Brocante

This is a very famous fair, which takes place twice a year in autumn and spring and where amateur and professional designers meet.

Osmothèque "la mémoire vivante des parfums"

It's all about perfumes here. Present day perfumes or ones from the past. This shop is dedicated to everyone who is mad about perfumes. There are more than 1,700 aromas available for the first time. Well preserved using appropriate techniques.
Address: 36 r Parc de Clagny, 78000 Versailles
Tel: +33 (0)1 39 55 46 99

The Hermès workshops

You can visit the facilities and meet the craftsmen who work with the leather. This is one of those jobs that can't be substituted by any machine.
Address: Hermès Sellier 12 rue Auger, 93500 Pantin
Tel: +33 (0)1 49 42 87 42

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