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Asterix Park

Asterix Park is a theme park famous in France and around the world because offers something for everyone, from little ones to mums, come and enjoy of its 27 attractions, 6 shows and 7 adventure areas every visit will provide you unforgettable memories. Asterix Park offers to visitors an unforgettable day with the family; youíll feel like you have gone back years and are in a completely different world with sets and presentations unique in France, the exiting atmosphere of a cartoon strip and rides which will leave you breathless.


Is one of the most famous theme parks around the world and unique in its kind in Europe, with its futuristic buildings, film shows, huge screens, different entertainment forms of high-technology and everything clean and well-kept. This park is opened for children of all ages, itís not only about games but also Futuroscope is a huge exhibition of large buildings whose designs are based in science, technology and the future.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, often called Euro Disney is the fourth location for a Disney theme park and has now emerged as Paris most visited attraction; surely a travel to France is not only about the museum and gallery routine and if youíre traveling with kids or a Disney-aholic you must consider this great alternative and what makes it more appealing is that is easy to go from Paris by car or public transportation like metro or a bus tour, also if you want to stay you can book a hotel near or in the Disneyland Hotel; Euro Disney includes not one but two theme parks, in fact, and seven hotels.


Marineland is a perfect place to share time in family, the main part of the park provides a special opportunity for younger to learn and experience about the discovery of the oceans over time, and for adult people to remember those times and refresh their memory.

Ok Corral

France's only western themed attraction park, Ok Corral is famous due to its image of the Western and as in Hollywood films features spectacles of street everywhere in the park.

During the day visitors can enjoy of reconstitutions of cow-boys life just like in the movies.

Le Pal

Le Pal includes more than 20 attractions, for kids, adults and all family; some of them are: The mine train, King Kong, The Wild West, Balloons East, The 3D Cine Dynamic.

If you are looking for a ride more quite, this attraction, Balloons East, will carry you and your family for a ride in a balloon in the manner of Fog.


This major fun family theme park is set in 26 hectares of land to the south of Le Touquet offers popular fun environment with imaginative rides to visitors all ages; 43 attractions and rides and breath-taking experiences with new additions each year, an animal park, Grand Prix circuit, water rides and great places to eat.

Itís not only about rides and games, if you have a music group you can consider to bring it on a music tour to Bagatelle Theme Park...


To get to the park is very easy; here you have some essential information: Notice that Nigoland is 2 hours from Paris and Nancy, 1h: 30 from Dijon, Reims and Auxerre and 45 minutes from Troyes. More than 35 rides and shows in a natural environment! Rides that give you an adrenaline rush for the bravest and a whole village dedicated to children, there's fun for everyone in Nigloland.

Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou is a unique theme park. Represents eras and events from history and creates shows which will make you admire almost 2000 years of French history. Many consider the park as a "show park", because the features day and night, take visitors through the centuries in 40 hectares of wooded French countryside.

Parc Saint Paul

Parc Saint Paul brings pleasure, emotions and authenticity because combines scenery and well-being 15 hectares of green space and pond surrounded by nature and inside the park 40 barbecues with 800 seats of "picnic" are waiting for you. The entrance to PARC SAINT PAUL entitles you to unlimited access to 37 attractions and 2 shows.

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