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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, often called Euro Disney is the fourth location for a Disney theme park and has now emerged as Paris most visited attraction; surely a travel to France is not only about the museum and gallery routine and if youíre traveling with kids or a Disney-aholic you must consider this great alternative and what makes it more appealing is that is easy to go from Paris by car or public transportation like metro or a bus tour, also if you want to stay you can book a hotel near or in the Disneyland Hotel; Euro Disney includes not one but two theme parks, in fact, and seven hotels.

Disneyland Resort Paris is not only an amusement park because is a combination of amusement park rides, hotels, restaurants, and more attractions. Disney offer visitors also restaurants and bars.

If you wonder in which season to visit Disneyland Paris maybe the principal issue to consider is to avoid the queues as much as possible so we recommend a weekday or an off season day; also your stay will be better if you come early.

Maybe you can attempt to visit the park at one of the three slowest periods:
  • Mid-January to late March
  • Mid-April to mid-July
  • Mid-September to early December
To get more information visit:
  • Disneyland Paris Contact Information
    Telephone (in Paris) Ė 087 050 30303
    Reservations office opening hours Ė Monday-Friday 8:15-19:45, Saturday 9:15-17:45, Sunday 9:15-16:45

  • Disneyland Paris for Disabled Visitors
    For disabled visitors Disneyland Paris offers many facilities and the information can be found in the "Guide for Disabled Visitors," you can get one at City Hall (entrance to the Disneyland Park), at Studio Services (entrance to the Walt Disney Studios Park) or in any reception office of the Disney hotels.

  • Parks Opening hours: Check it at: Parks Opening Times

History of Disneyland Paris

Since its beginning and against all odds Disneyland Paris has grown into one of the top tourist attractions in Europe and developed from a theme park to a resort which includes a second theme park, a shopping, entertainment, dining complex and more.

Disneyland Paris opened on April 12, 1992, as Euro Disneyland located in Marne-la-Vallee, the place was considered ideal because of its proximity to Paris, with access to highways, rail connections and air transportation throughout Europe.

Hotels (Where to Stay at Disneyland Paris)

If you wonder where To Stay at Disneyland Paris, donít worry because itís easy to find a place all depends on your preferences.
Disneyland Paris offers to visitors seven hotels right inside the park, all them counts with facilities to practice sports and leisure, with pools, gyms tennis courts and more (pony rides).

Attractions (What to Do at Disneyland Paris)

Attractions in Disney Paris are distributed into 6 lands, each one offers visitors lot of fun and adventure for kids and whole family.

Getting to Disneyland Paris

The location of Disneyland Paris is perfect for getting there easily; you can arrive by almost any transport.

Maps of Disneyland Paris

Some important maps.

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