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Le Pal



1 day ticket

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21 euros

32 euros

68 euros

Child up 9 years inclusive

18 euros

27 euros

58 euros

Child under 1 meter





GPS coordinates: 3 ° 37 '36 "E 46 ° 30 '50 "N.
A6 North-South: - Exit 26 Chalon-South direction Moulins.
A6 South to North: - Exit 29 South Macon, Moulins direction.
A71 North-South: - Exit 11 Montmarault direction PAL / Macon.
A71 South to North: - Exit 12 Gannat towards St Pourçain Sioule then on Varennes sur Allier.


Le Pal includes more than 20 attractions, for kids, adults and all family; some of them are:
  • The mine train
    This ride will take your breath away, in a magnificent temple in ruins plagued by vegetation, board of mine cars you’ll enjoy of a wild adventure to the land of the Aztecs.
  • King Kong
    Considered as a memorable experience! Terribly impressive height of 12 m where King Kong released his anger and attack a train car inside which 24 peaceful and carefree travelers are scared and you’ll be one of them.
  • The Wild West
    In the same vein as the Enchanted Forest smaller appreciate this locomotive ride to the land of cowboys and Indians. Give enough time for parents to relax.
  • Balloons East
    If you are looking for a ride more quite, this attraction, Balloons East, will carry you and your family for a ride in a balloon in the manner of Fog.
  • The 3D Cine Dynamic
    New projectors were installed in 3D Cinema Dynamic providing quality HD movies, so you will enjoy of a more realistic experience comfortably seated and equipped with dynamic 3D glasses. During this attraction little ones can wait for their parents on the square in front of the beautiful Moroccan palace or in the adjoining gift shop.

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