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Marineland is a theme park based in the seas; it contains a marine zoo and a museum.
Marineland is a perfect place to share time in family, the main part of the park provides a special opportunity for younger to learn and experience about the discovery of the oceans over time, and for adult people to remember those times and refresh their memory.


  • The tunnel of Sharks:
    The tunnel of Sharks will make you feel closer and literally surrounded by sharks, a unique experience which offers an encounter with these awesome creatures while you pass across a 30-metre-long tunnel through a huge aquarium.

  • Antactica:
    This new attraction will provide you the opportunity to discover the world of penguins subantarctic islands.
    Behind a glass panoramic nearly 30m long and 3m high and in a conditioned space.

  • The tropical aquarium gallery:
    Here you can discover the riches at the bottom of our oceans, is like a temple where you find the best of coral reefs, with very different volumes represented: from small modules with starfish, shrimp, horse-shoe crabs and clown-fish in their sea anemones and more amazing fishes. Also spend time with Sea-Lions, Seals and penguins all them really friendly.

  • The Naval Museum:
    Includes the most important facts in French maritime history featuring a collection from the 17th century by an ancestor of Marinelandís founder Admiral de la Poype de Vertrieux; with several thousand artifacts related to the sea: model ships, instruments of navigation, etc...

  • The Polar Bears:
    Oriented to the respect and conservation of polar bears, this section is divided into 3 zones: Two of them for maintenance and the other for maternity "the nursery".

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