France travel guide


France Travel Guide

Prices of France

France is not an expensive destination compared to other European countries, for example, it is suggested that France is 25% to 35% cheaper than the UK, which means that it is possible to live in France in a budget as long as you can manage to reduce unnecessary costs.

Living expenses are relative to lifestyle, the more you go out, the more expensive things you buy and the more tourism you do the more often you will find yourself trying to understand why living in France seems so expensive. All in all, it is virtually impossible to live in France not wanting to enjoy its lovely, cultural and exciting vibe.

Factor in salary ranges, since they are not really high in France, if you are planning on staying and working in France you should consider the salary range you apply for and based on that define how to adapt yourself to the required life conditions.

Government is not particularly supportive when it comes to employees and benefits so make sure you know all the pros and cons of the jobs you will apply for and how a specific job or business could benefit you.

Whiter you are a tourist or a resident, no need to say Paris is far the most expensive city in France.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are visibly cheaper in France than in some other countries in Europe, and food variety is huge. Wine is affordable, as well as cheese, and remember that you can get the best price deals for wine in wineries directly.


France has a complex and highly developed transportation network, one of the finest in the world. Costs change dramatically depending on the transport service and location in France. The following are average range prices. Prices have been calculated for year 2010 and they are all shown in Euros as the standard currency.

Hotel Rates

Rates presented by hotels and hostels should include taxes. Some hotels include breakfast, though not all of them. You should always ask if there are any extra bed charges and others in case of budget hotels and hostels you can always ask for discounts for low season.

Prices of some important destinations:

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 3  Prices of Cannes
 4  Prices of Lyon
 5  Prices of Marseille
 6  Prices of Nice

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