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Rolland Garros

Roland Garros Tennis Tournament

Named after a tennis Stadium in France, Roland Garros, also known as the French Open Tournament, is the second Grand Slam Tournament held every year. Roland Garros is the only clay-court tournament that is still held on the planet.

The tournament is played in Paris during May and June for about two weeks every year and it is the most broadcasted tennis event up-to-day.
It is believed that this tournament is the most demanding tennis tournament because of many factors such as the single matches with no tiebreak, the field surface, etc.


Tennis started in 19th century as an upper-class game in the United Kingdom, nowadays tennis is an Olympic game that is played worldwide, and as a matter of fact tennis is, together with some other sports, the oldest Olympic game since it was played during the first Olympics in 1896.

Most of the rules in tennis haven´t changed since 1896, except for the introduction of the tiebreak and a new rule that states a server has to keep at least one foot on the ground. Competitions are very popular, since Tennis is a sport that accounts a great number of spectators. The most popular tournaments are known as the Four Grand Slam, which are: Wimbledon, US Open, French Open (Roland Garros) and Australian Open.


The Tournament is always called Roland Garros (short for Les internationaux de France de Roland-Garros) by French people and it is simply called French Open everywhere else. It started in 1891 as the Closed French Tournament since only player of French clubs could join the tournament, it wasn´t until 1928 that the Tournament became opened, and it has remained that way until now.

Tickets Info

2011 Roland Garros Tournament will start on 22nd May, same location as usual, and ticket are available. The most common way of getting tickets is via online ( Beware prices change dramatically depending on the area. For example, the costs for the first match go from US$300 up to almost US$700.

Obviously prices go up the closer the tournament gets to finals so keep this in mind as well.
Some tickets for the finals can be US$3000 or even more expensive. If you are late to get your ticket or you want to sell yours, try different websites such as: Roland Garros, sites like this one give you the option of negotiating tickets.

The Stadium

The Stadium was built in 1928, and its name (Roland Garros) was given after the World War I hero who was not only a war pilot ace but was also the first aviator to fly over the Mediterranean Sea and created the first machine gun to forward-fire from an airplane.

It is the only Stadium where this Grand Slam Tournament is held but, as a matter of fact, it has been announced that moving the Tournament away from Roland Garros Stadium in the future is currently being debated.

Roland Garros Champions

  • 2001 Gustavo Kuerten (Brasil)
  • 2002 Albert Costa (España)
  • 2003 Juan Carlos Ferrero (España)
  • 2004 Gastón Gaudio (Argentina)
  • 2005 Rafael Nadal (España)
  • 2006 Rafael Nadal (España)
  • 2007 Rafael Nadal (España)
  • 2008 Rafael Nadal (España)
  • 2009 Roger Federer (Suiza)
  • 2010 Rafael Nadal (España)

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