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Saint Tropez Travel Guide

Saint Tropez Travel Guide

Saint-Tropez would be best defined as the “Glam-town” in France due to the rich and famous guests it welcomes every summer.

It is a fact that beaches in Saint-Tropez are of a magical beauty so why not go for a trek on the coastal side and discover its many attractions.

People watching is a favorite sport here in the summer, Visitors like to sit at the outdoor cafés hoping either to be seen or to see some one else. Competition is rife. Huge yachts line up in the port rivaling to see which is the biggest, the prettiest, the best kept, or has the snappiest crew.

Saint-Tropez is a different story at nighttime. This city has some of the best night clubs around and no need to say they do not have low rates per drinks and entrances.

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