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Saint Tropez Travel Guide

Attractions of Saint Tropez

Trek through the coast

It is a fact that beaches in Saint-Tropez are of a magical beauty so why not go for a trek on the coastal side and discover its many attractions? These treks are usually round way but in case you just want to do it one way you can always get transportation back. These treks stretch for about 12km. and offer the best beach views.

Visit to Vineyards and wine tasting

These visits are really nice and popular due to the wine quality in Saint-Tropez. It is possible to taste wine and most vineyards sell their products at the end of these tours. Most of these tours are free of charge and very close to the city.

Adventure and Water Sports

If you are the adventure-type of tourist then keep in mind that Saint-Tropez offers a wide variety of sports that go from accessible to very expensive. Some of the sports available are: Water skiing, Snorkeling, Power boating, Wakeboarding, and Mountain Biking.

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