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The city of Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez would be best defined as the “Glam-town” in France due to the rich and famous guests it welcomes every summer. It is located southeast of France on the French Riviera. Full of expensive yachts and excessive parties a regular tourist needs to make sure he/she is not in a budget since this luxurious destination can be more than expensive.

Even though all associations carried by the name of Saint-Tropez are glamour-related, a true fact is that this charming French town is one of the most popular destinations in France because of its lively atmosphere, sports, beautiful beaches and ancestral story.

A lot of people travel to Saint-Tropez to get to see as many famous stars as possible and to enjoy the beaches as well, but it is a fact that the city holds other attractions such as an impressive architecture, typical markets, a fabulous harbor and enchanting museums.

Saint Tropez Saint Tropez

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