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If you want to pursue your higher education in France, there are many important things you have to know. Here we mention some of them, and give you some information about French law, business and art schools. If you are an international student and want to move to France for higher education, then we provide you also some information you have to take in mind. Whether you are a French or international student, it is for sure that you will find the right university and school, where you can study the career you like the most.

In order French students get access to universities; they have to pass the "Baccalauréat" exam after secondary education. This exam can last up to six days. There are private and public universities in France, but less than 30% of the students receive scholarships. Some public universities are Aix-Marseille, Paris-Est , Lille Nord de France, etc. And some of the private are: Leonardo da Vinci, Catholic University of Paris, Catholic University of Rennes, etc. These are just few examples of the big number universities (more than 80). Grandes Ecoles (great schools), are another possibility for higher education that require an additional exam. They are very competitive and small institutions.

With such universities, there are a variety of careers, one can pursue in them. If you are interested in having a career in law, business or art, here we list some schools that offer those careers:

Law schools

Law schools The law schools in France give you the possibility of making student exchanges and scientific partnerships with many countries. You can also find many courses to obtain degrees. The purpose of law schools is to provide all the necessary tools to form strong lawyers who are able to face the new challenges of the society. Some of the universities which offer law courses are:
  • Paris I Pantheon University. Sorbonne Law School. It is the most prestigious French law school for law studies.

  • Pantheon Assa University. It offers law courses. Many students at the university learn law.

  • Jean Moulin Lyon III University. Among the variety of courses are offered International and Business law. 

  • Montesquieu Bordeaux 4 University. It has reputation in the teaching of law.

  • Avignon University. 

Business schools

Business schools Today, business is an important and well-demanded career people decide to pursue. Business studies include courses related to marketing, management, accounting, finance, economics, etc. The goal of such institutions is to provide students with the last market strategies and practical training. The best business schools in France are:
  • INSEAD. it has also centers in Asia and in the Middle East.

  • HEC Paris. It has been ranked as the best business school many times.

  • Essec Business School. It is an important school in France that teaches business. it is also ranked as one of the best schools in France.}

  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business. It also offers distance learning programs, for people who prefer this kind of options.

  • EM LYON. Because of its exclusive education it is ranked throughout the best European law schools.

  • EDHEC Business School.

International students must know that France is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for American people. If you have decided to study in France, we invite you to read information about this awesome and rich in culture country in our guide. Read about transports, French language, etc.

France offers you a variety of options to study the field you want.

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