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Soccer in France If you are visiting the beautiful France for vacation or for a business trip, then you have to know that in this extraordinary country, you will find a variety of activities to enjoy of your free time and have unforgettable experiences. Sports are one of those exciting and fun activities that travelers can do in France. Whether you do sports or are an spectator, it is for sure, you will enjoy of it so much. Some sports in France are most popular than others, but definitely you have a wide variety of them. Here, find information about football, tennis, cycling, golf, ski, and others sports, you can practice in the awesome France. Moreover, sport helps you feel better, look better, and also to keep fit. Playing sports daily helps keep your body free of fat. Here at you can calculate your body fat percentage. Percent body fat is the percentage of fat your body contains. Exact body fat percentage cannot be precisely determined, but multiple methods are used to estimate it. You can use a body fat calculator to estimate your body fat percentage. A percentage of 10 body fat is the classic beach body look that most men want and many women love. While not very defined, there is separation between muscles, some muscle striations potentially in the shoulders, or arms, but striations are not showing on every muscle.

Soccer (Football), it is the most popular sport in France, so there are many places where you can play this fun and worldwide known sport. Many people like to play soccer in France, there are many reaosns for this, one is that France has won world competitions such as the 1998 FIFA World Cup. There are also competitions along the year where soccer national teams play, so you can expect these matches.

Tennis, is also one othe most popular sports in the country. If you are in France around last May or beginning of June, you can expect one important tournament such as the Roland Garros. This tournament belongs to one of the four Grand Slams played on clay. It is the second Grand Slam played each year, taking out the last week of May and the first week of June. It is is the largest tournament held on clay and the only one of four Grand Slam to develop on this surface. So, don't lose the opportunity to watch it. Do you want more information? visit our Roland Garros webpage.

Tennis in France Cycling is other popular played sport in France. You can also expect the Tour de France (El Tour). It is a cycling competition staged created in 1903 by Henri Desgrange and the newspaper L'Auto. It takes place every year in France for three weeks in July. It currently has more than 3000 kilometers and is organized by ASO (Amaury Sport Organization). "The Tour de France" or "Le Tour", as it is called in France, is considered the most prestigious cycling event in the world, besides being the largest annual sporting event of its kind. Do you want more information? visit our Tour de France (El Tour) webpage.

Cycling in France Regarding skiing, in France there are numerous ski resorts replete with amenities that thrive with comfort and that allow travelers to enjoy the snow and delve into their favorite sport. Even if you cannot ski, many ski resorts have ski schools that offer ski lessons, allowing you to enjoy this spectacular sport. Besides, resorts offer other activities to do, as riding a snowmobile, sledding in dog or horse-drawn sleds, ice-skating, indoor or outdoor swimming, and hottubbing, game rooms, and other forms of entertainment such as clubs, cinema, theater and cabarets.

Golf is also an interesting sport, filled with fun and excitement, and a country such as France doesn’t miss-out on this kind of entertainment. If you are visiting this country and you want to be part of this appealing sport, you can take golf courses in France that will serve to improve your game or learn it from scratch. Golf courses in France are provided in most clubs, they are the fastest and simplest way to learn the secrets and techniques of the game, but you can also hire a personal trainer to help you improve. Golf in France is as strong as anywhere else in continental Europe, with over 400 courses, you can enjoy this sport during your stay, nothing like a vacation learning a new skill or practicing the sport you like in a healthy and entertaining way. France offers many hotels that feature golf courses on site, prices vary from hotel to hotel; you’ll certainly find one that suits you the best.

Otherwise, if your passion is the sea, in France there are many marinas where boats and yachts are kept in water, these facilities include resting areas, ship's chandlers, stores and restaurants, almost everything you need on the sea. Marinas in France offer transportation as well as shore facilities for parking and towing boats. The boats are moored on buoys or on fixed or floating walkways, so there are water taxis to transport people to the coast. 

If case you prefer surfing, this country has beautiful beaches like Biarritz, that make for a beautiful scenery to practice this sport, on the other hand, for those more interested in boating, a stroll along the Canal du Midi near Paris is the best option. Other popular sports in France are alpinism and rock climbing.

Visit France and enjoy of the variety of sports activities that France offer to you!

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