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Strasbourg Travel Guide

Arrival to Strasbourg

Strasbourg By plane

The main Airport is located in the southwest part of the city and receives domestic and international flights daily. One of the main destinations is Paris and others, such as Rome, Vienna, London and Moscow. The main operator is Air France. You can get to the city from the airport by taking a bus or a tram which run every 30 minutes.
Tel. 03-88-64-67-67

Strasbourg By train

The train service is very efficient in Strasbourg. The train station is la Gare de Strasbourg (Strasbourg train station). Paris is one of the main destinations with at least nine trains a day from Paris's Gare de l'Est.The trip time is more than four hours long. It also receives international train services, such as the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways).
Tel. 08-92-35-35-35.

Strasbourg By Car

Strasbourg is easily reached from the west (Paris, Benelux) taking the A4 highway (E25), from the south (Switzerland, Lyon), taking the A35 highway (E25), from the north and east (Germany), taking the A5 highway (E35). The A35 highway links Strasbourg with Colmar and Mulhouse.

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