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The city of Strasbourg

The city is surrounded by some amazing churches and cathedrals. The architecture in Strasbourg is very rich, with some examples being the Cathedral of Our Lady, Eglise Saint-Etienne, Eglise Saint-Thomas, Eglise Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune (Protestant), Eglise Saint-Guillaume and Eglise Saint-Jean. The astronomical clock and the old towers are also very popular attractions in this city.

This city was once a German territory, but was returned to France. Despite this, Strasbourg still has a German influence and nowadays is a very modern and fascinating city.

"La Petite France" is a picturesque quarter where fishermen, millers and tanners lived in former times. The beautiful half-timbered houses mostly date from the 16th or 17th century. It's the quarter where different canals go out from the Ill, the river which goes through Strasbourg and flows around the Isle of the old city.

The city of Strasbourg Cathedral of Our Lady Mural

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